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Forest with rock face in Bighorn Mountains

Holistic Land Management

Technical Forestry Services, LLC is a private forestry consulting company with a mission to provide clients with holistic land management options for achieving goals and objectives for their property.

TFS has expertise with forest management treatments such as timber harvest, pre-commercial thinning, tree planting, and salvage harvest operations following insect and disease or wildfire disturbance. A primary service TFS foresters also offer is long-term forest planning to maintain forest health and productivity.

TFS has experience with wildfire risk reduction assessments, wildfire mitigation planning, and fuels reduction treatment planning and implementation in wildfire-prone environments. TFS contracts with Wyoming counties, municipalities, and private owners to design and implement project planning for the modification of vegetation (fuels) with the goal of reducing risks of wildfire damaging or destroying values such as life, property, and natural resources.

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