Category: Firesmart Preparation

When a Wildfire Threatens

Here are some important tasks you should do when a wildfire is imminent. Note that this list assumes you have taken all the steps to make your home or cabin defensible in the event of a wildfire, and you have

Wildfire Evacuation Plan

A Wildfire Evacuation Plan is a written plan for safely leaving your home or wildland cabin in the event of an approaching wildfire. It also applies to flooding or other emergencies that may call for evacuation. Examples of each item

Effective Hand Piling and Burning

Do you need a burn pile? As promised last week, here are some tips for safe hand piling and burning. Piling and burning is a simple and cost effective method of disposing of woody debris in rural areas. One key

Firesmart Spring Cleaning

This year when you’re doing spring cleaning around your home, cabin, and outbuildings, look a little closer than the Pre-Fire Season Checklist we posted in March. Here are a few suggestions: Over the winter, did your vehicle fleet migrate to