Welcome signWelcome to the all-new Bighorn Basin Firesmart “Updates” page! Some would call it a blog. We call it a rich source of information for people in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming — and beyond — on how to maximize the safety of your property with regard to wildfire.

As we’ve all seen in recent years, wildfires are becoming more common and more destructive. But there are ways to reduce your risk.

Technical Forestry Services, LLC, can help. As the Firesmart Coordinator for Washakie County, we:

1. Consult with landowners on developing defensible spaces around homes and cabins and on developing a Wildfire Mitigation Plan;

2. Offer educational workshops and training on defensible space and forest management;

3. Work with County Fire Wardens, local fire departments, private landowners, the Wyoming State Forestry Division, Bighorn Basin Counties, the U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management on mitigation programs.

Watch this space, or follow us on Facebook at Bighorn Basin Firesmart, to read more about being fire smart and on ways to protect your property and land from wildfire.