Pre-Fire Season Checklist

flowerpot, wheelbarrows, other yard work implements

In March, many of us in Wyoming start to think about gardens and yard work after a long, cold winter. Some of us start seeds inside. Some of us pore over catalogs filled with vegetables and flowers and trees. All of us are looking forward to spring and summer.

This is also a great time to think about whether your cabin, home, or other property in the urban-wildland interface is ready for fire season. Here’s a handy checklist to use when you start your outdoor chores this spring. Even homes or cabins that have been made Firesmart need to be maintained as vegetation keeps growing and our human activities change the situation.

Before fire season:

  • Remove leaves and forest litter from gutters, roofs, and within 3 feet of all structures
  • Clean chimney screens
  • Cut new small trees and shrubs within the 100-foot zone
  • Remove dead trees within the 100-foot zone
  • Check your address placard or sign for clear visibility
  • Move your conveniently-placed winter woodpile to more than 30 feet from all structures
  • Check/replace the batteries in your emergency alert radio
  • Inspect your power line for branches within four feet in all directions
  • Check window screens for a tight fit, and patch any holes
  • Remove leaves and needles between the boards of decks, and under any decks and porches.
  • Check walls and foundation for fresh bird and animal holes and patch appropriately
  • Pick up winter-broken limbs within the 100-foot zone
  • Remove flammable materials from decks and porches, except when actually in use
  • Review your evacuation plan, and share it with the family and guests

During fire season:

Monitor the above items on a regular basis.

Keep current on wildfire activity in Wyoming or the country. Check out the websites below, and move them to your computer’s “Favorites” list.

For Fires In Wyoming:

Fire Activity For The Entire Country:

Before Grass Cures In Mid-Summer:

  • Mow grassy areas around all structures
  • Mow grass within and adjacent to driveways